Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chicano Rap History

This is part one of my blog. You will find info of the history of chicano rap.
Chicano rap - is a subgenre of hip hop music, latin rap and gangster rap, that embodies aspects of West Coast and Southwest Mexican American (Chicano) culture and is typically performed by American rap singers and musicians of Mexican descent.
The first chicano rapper was KID FROST with his album HIPANIC CAUSIN PANIC. Many Chicano rappers have been heavily influenced by Meican history, including many themes relevant to the Mexican and Chicano people living in the United States and Mexico. Chicano Rap is mainly enjoyed by hip hop listeners in the United States; and has also established a cult fan base following in Japan, although its main audience consists of Hispanics or Latinos living on the West Coast, the Southwest and the Midwest. Its ability to reach large audiences without mainstream airplay or media promotion is due largely in part to nationwide lowrider car tours and their accompanying concerts headlined by Chicano rappers. This environment allows Chicano Rap artists to earn significant incomes through independent label releases while promoting directly to a target audience.

Check Out Some You Tube Chicano Rap ------>

Here is a list of some mexican and chicano rappers.
If you have a favorite rapper not listed e-mail m
e and i will post them up and add your name to special thanks list.
  • 2Mex
  • Akwid----------------------------------------
  • ALT
  • Aztlan Underground
  • B Real
  • Baby Bash
  • Brownside
  • Chingo Bling
  • Cypresshill
  • Delinquent Habits-------------------------------
  • Funky Aztecs
  • Kid Frost
  • Quinto Sol
  • Knight Owl
  • Lighter Shade obf Brown
  • Lil Rob
  • Mc Magic
  • Lil Menace
  • Mr Lil One--------------------------------------
  • NB Ridaz Nino Brown
  • Proper Dos
  • Psyco Relm
  • Slow Pain
  • South Park Mexican
  • Dyablo
  • Brown Boy
  • Duende
  • Mr Criminal--------------------------------
  • Mr. Capone -E
  • Ms Sancha
  • Ms Krazy
  • Dolly Girl
  • Baby Wicked
  • Malo Mac
  • Mr Sancho-----------------------

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